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Design Egon Eiermann
Egon Eiermann designed this table back in 1953 for his own office. Soon after, it was used by his students, in their small dorms. When the students were several for dinner or work they simply removed the table top and replaced it with one of the doors of the dorm, and in a few seconds they had a bigger table. The Eiermann1 table frame, is the original edition and designed as a desk. Later on one of Eiermann’s students made a dining version called the Eiermann2 frame. The simple construction of the frame makes it very light, but very stable. Today it is proudly produced by Richard Lampert in Stuttgart as Egon Eiermann designed it in 1953.
All table tops for the Eiermann frames is placed on top of the frame on soft rubber dubs. This means that it is easy to change the table top.
Small frame: L110 x W66 x H66 cm
Large frame: L110 x W78 x H66 cm
Note A table top of minimum L120 x W80 cm is suitable for a frame size L110 x W66 cm. A table top of minimum L180 x W90 cm is suitable for a frame size L110 x W78 cm
Materials Powder coated steel, lacquered steel or chrome. Note: The colours may vary slightly depending on colour settings on the individual computer
Delivery Time This product is not a stock item, and delivery time is 1-6 weeks
Shipping Please send an e-mail for more information about lead time and shipping quotations to Denmark and Europe on following e-mail address: hello@danskmadeforrooms.dk
Note The frame is not available for purchase without the tabletop - frame and top can only be ordered as a set. Order the different tabletops here

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