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Design HAAN

Remove 99,9% of viruses/bacteria on, and enhance the softness of, your hands by using HAAN's fast-absorbing and non-sticky formula. The triclosan and parabens-free cleaner is naturally formulated with 65% of Ethanol Alcohol and aloe vera, which avoids a drying feeling and leaves your skin moisturized instead.

HAAN's hand disinfectant is antibacterial and has an emollient effect together with fresh and unique scents. It's wrapped in a trendy user-friendly and recyclable spray bottle that is perfect for your everyday life to keep your hands clean and free of bacteria. The hand sanitizer is pocket-sized and easy to carry ehwn your are on the go or travelling. And the best of it all - it's vegan!

DEW OF DAWN has traces of green freshness from green roots, a freshly cut grass note base and a light touch of galbanum.

Volume 30 ml
Alcohol percentage 72.4% v / v and thus above the recommended 70% v / v

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