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Design HÅND

The ultimate way to keep your soap and make it last longer!

Suitable for every surface, including in wet environments like in the bathroom. These soap holders are made from discarded, leftover wood. Each soap holder comes with a soap-disc and an waterproof adhesive, removable strip, so no hole-drilling is needed!

To keep your wooden soap holder in good shape, please don't hang it where it gets exposed to water. Soap holderswith a beewax finish need a new layer of wax every now and then.

Dimensions H7 x L9 x W3 cm
Materials Oak w. beeswax finish / Magnet
1. Choose a flat surface and clean it with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner
2. Take the included waterproof primer and wipe over the surface - wait for 10 seconds minimum
3. Remove the tab on the side and apply the powerstrip on the backside of the soap - press for 5 seconds minimum
4. Remove the other tab and apply the soap holder onto surface - press for 5 seconds minimum

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