kr. 490,00

Design Hario

An impressive combination of form and function in ergonomic design. Its long narrow spout is designed to pour accurately, so you can easily control the speed and location of the hot water throughout the brewing process. It features a black easy-grip handle and a lid with three mini ventilation holes. With a flat bottom, easy to use on any stove.

The kettle are compatible with size 02 or 03 V60 Range Servers, V60 Drippers and V60 Filters.

Materials Stainless steel / Hard plastic
Dimensions W27,4 × D14,4 × H14,7 cm / 1,2 L capacity
Appliance Gas hob, electrical hob, ceramic hob, Induction (IH) and halogen hob.
Care Dishwasher safe
Note The kettle is compatible with V60 Range ServerV60 Dripper and V60 Filter, which can be ordered separately

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