AHM CHAIR - exhibition model

kr. 3.600,00 kr. 4.900,00
Design Isabel Ahm & Please Wait To Be Seated
Shaped in curves from three pieces of interconnected wood, the eponymous AHM chair combines the sleek lines of early-’50s Danish design with a contemporary angle. Each natural ash wood piece is a subtle mix of straight and curved, and a versatile addition to home, office or public space.Light, elegant, tactile, stackable, practical. Natural ash, Navy Blue, Ash Grey or Indian Red, with a seat of classic wooden cane or upholstered leather. Beautiful, functional, organic, and with a smooth and stylish character that can enhance your personal space or add flavor to a restaurant, café or corporate setting.

As designer Isabel Ahm says, “Every object answers a challenge in its own purposeful way.”

Dimensions H70 x W53 x D54,5 cm / Seat height: 46,5 cm

Materials Natural matt lacquered ash or stained in Ash grey, Black, Indian Red or Navy Blue with a seat in cane

NOTICE! ThIs is the last one and small flaws can occur due to that tit is an exhibition model from the showroom.

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