As representatives for popham design in Denmark we are delighted to present our selection of popham design tiles.




popham design is a design studio and bespoke tile workshop based in Marrakech, Morocco. The company designs and manufactures handmade concrete tiles that are exported throughout the world and now finally DANSK can present a beautiful selection of popham design tiles in store and online. 

The collection draws inspiration from the amazing Morocco and comes in endless colors, shapes and patterns. All colors can be combined in every pattern or shape for custom orders to create a unique touch.

popham design was founded in 2007 by Americans Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes. And their idea was simple:  

 "To celebrate and maintain a traditional artisan craft while updating it with modern patterns and color combinations."  


 popham design encaustic concrete tiles are meticulously hand crafted in Marrakech by our skilled artisans. popham design tiles are handmade, each and every one, individually; a labor of love that takes three to five minutes per tile. Like the best handmade products, popham design tiles are perfectly imperfect. One of the appealing aspects is the fact that no two tiles are ever the same. The tiles are made from cement, marble, pigments a special “sauce,” and a few additives for strength and durability. Given the ingredients and the hand made production, there are a few things you should expect: subtle color and line variation, mild differences in dimensions and thickness, small bumps, and occasional chipped or irregular edges. These subtle variations and irregularities are a natural aspect of popham design´s handmade product, lending an authentic charm to every installation. When considered tile by tile, the variations can be alarming, but a tile installation is the sum of its parts. When dispersed across a floor or wall, the variations result in depth and movement. Also, concrete tiles improve with time and wear, acquiring an exceptional patina and singular texture.