Gloss Levels & Coverage

  • ESSENTIAL INTENSE MATTE Gloss Level 2. Coverage 6-8 m2/L. A pure, highly matte finish for interior walls and ceilings
  • BALANCED MATTE Gloss Level 5. Coverage 6-8 m2/L. A long-lasting, water-repellent finish for interior walls and ceilings
  • VITAL SEMI MATTE Gloss Level 10. Coverage 6-8 m2/L. Robust, water-repellent semi-matte finish for active interiors
  • SCULPTOR’S FINISH SILK MATTE Gloss Level 15. Coverage 8-10 m2/L. Elegant semi-matte paint. Sculptor’s Finish is best applied using a brush and has a fast drying time, thick consistency and subtle silky appearance.
  • FORM FINISH SEMI GLOSS Gloss Level 40. Coverage 8-10 m2/L. Designed for convenient application using a roller or brush to achieve deep colour profiles and a semi-gloss appearance that is washable and resistant to scratches
  • ATLAS FINISH HIGH GLOSS Gloss Level 80. Coverage 8-10 m2/L. A high gloss component creates a rich expression of colour and prolongs the life of active surfaces

It's always recommended applying 2 layers of paint for best results and coverage