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ARK JOURNAL is a new biannual magazine devoted to the increa- singly intersecting worlds of interiors, design, architecture and art. We visit extraordinary homes and studios around the world and interview creatives about their philosophies and influences. Combining original photography, insightful commentary and im- peccable design, the magazine will inspire and engage a dedicated global audience of design oriented consumers and professionals.

Volume VI focuses on how we live in a time of immense change and hyper-sensitivity, with an acute awareness of how much everything we design, make and produce will resonate now and in the future. They have dedicated the upcoming issue, Ark Journal Volume VI to the bright minds and talents who have captivated and inspired us in a time of flux and we take our lead from thoughtful designers, artists, architects, and curators with strong views and priorities.

They draw special attention to creators, and their different perspectives on craftsmanship and making. They believe that the revival of craft and the placing of a higher value on the act of making will be important in the future.

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