kr. 950,00
Design Matias Moellenbach
The name “blister” is derived from the object that inspired the entire product. 
Blister packaging is the curved plastic insert seen in fruit crates. It’s made by vacuum forming thin plastic sheets.  
The benefit of this is to keep the fruit separated and allow air to travel around the produce. 
Keeping it from bruising each other and allows airflow which gives a longer shelf life. 
The initial idea came about firstly from a fascination of this cleaver system and then making a permanent fruit bowl version benefitting of exactly these properties.
The fruit bowl sits in the perfect balance between being highly functional and aesthetically pleasing in itself.
Even without fruit, its sculptural shape adds to the interior. 
Depending on your mood, you can use the bowl in both directions. 
The one version is functions as a plinth, elevating the fruit.
The other way around, the walls helps with carrying even more fruit.
Dimensions Ø30 x H5,5 cm
Material 3 kg solid glass

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