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Dossier writes about business and startup profiles, but also about athletes and cultural figures, politicians and researchers, yes, all sorts of professionals, as long as an interesting career angle in the person and an interesting person in the career angle can be presented. Dossier is about the talent or the idea that the main characters will change themselves as professionals, their company or industry or maybe even the world with. In Dossier, the contributors talk about what they know or are particularly passionate about.

Volume 25 of Dossier brings interviews with Rasmus Kofoed, René Rechtman, Johanne Schmidt Nielsen, Kasper Asgreen, Emil Goll, Ida Karstoft, Anna Søndergaard, Geoff Martin, Karen Asta Arnfred Vallgårda, Jakob Nyvold, Sebastian Arestotelis and Lone Simonsen. Welcome to a new edition of Dossier.

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