kr. 1.875,00
Design raawii by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen

Nicholai Wiig-Hansen's latest design for raawii is Duplum. A circular mirror surrounded by a wide ceramic frame applied with a monochrome glaze in a so-called reactive glaze, which varies in colour tones and expression from frame to frame.

Duplum is the Latin name for "the double". And Duplum is precisely that, a tribute to reflection and repetition: to the room that is reflected and repeated in the mirror. However, it will not be an exact repetition, because the mirror image is a fragment and looks changed, depending on where it is viewed from. In the same way, not two Duplum mirrors are alike, for although they are a repetition, clay and glaze are living materials, and each mirror passes through a number of hands. Therefore, each mirror frame is unique.

Duplum is at once a form in the room and a piece of applied art that does not necessarily have to be used as a mirror. Perhaps it should instead be used as a frame for a detail in in the room. Nicholai Wiig-Hansen puts it this way: “I imagine that you could replace one of the paintings on the wall with this mirror, and then it will be a reflection of a detail from your home. And like that, you see your space in a different perspective.”

Dimensions Ø48,3 x D 4,2 cm
Material Earthenware
Care Clean with a damp cloth

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