kr. 4.298,00

Design Matias Moellenbach

This product originally started out with an exploration into extruded aluminium. The possibilities of highly detailed shapes mixed with a strong and light structure would allow itself to be the perfect production technique for a linear aluminium light. That would be able to spread the light evenly but also use its shape to cover exposure from the direct light source.

By exploiting extrusion Matias was able to make a 125 cm long linear light all in one single piece of extruded aluminium. making it strong, aesthetically beautiful and very functional.

Material 100% recyclable aluminium w. anodized clear finish
Dimensions H125 x W5,5 x D5,5 cm
Specifications 300 cm wire / 300 cm fabric cord / Dimmable w. wall switch / 40W / 100-240V / 4000lm / CRI: above 90 / Colour temperature: 2700k / Weight: 3 kg
Sustainability Production of new aluminium demands some energy. It is very easy to recycle and can be recycled without losing its properties. Resulting in nearly all aluminium ever made is still in use. The extruded aluminium light is made without any joints or rivets meaning it’s easy to disassemble and 100% recycle
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks

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