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NYTT ROM is a Norwegian magazine presenting Scandinavian design, architecture and living. NYTT ROMs content and overall message is based on professional knowledge and interest. With a personal touch and a sincere attitude, Nytt Rom makes a difference in the mainstream and often monotone mass of home decorating magazines. The magazine presents design and architecture through interesting people, whom by their enthusiasm point out and clarify the modern Scandinavian way of living.
Introducing The Contradiction issue
"In addition to on spot interesting content NYTT ROM no. 71 Creative director Jakob Blom has established an extraordinary taste into his summer-house in Hornbæk at Nord Sjælland in Denmark with colorful details and exciting unique decor. But most important, he has created a life for himself and his family that give the moments of desired happiness. Sara Ingemann and Mandy Rep at Atelier Cph have facilitated joint work in their apartments. Furniture and objects are adapted to their work situation, both for inspiration and ease of use. At Caroline Stigsdotter and her husband Hugo´s top floor apartment in Oslo, it is not the sofa or the beautiful veneer work that is first mentioned as a favorite at home; it is simply the pleasure of experiencing the lights that are lit in the city at night. Nytt Rom issue 71 is in stores now and presents places that facilitate harmony, joy and experiences in addition to exciting architecture, design and interior."

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