Bredgade // Original Pigments paint

$10.00 USD

Design St. Leo

This uplifting colour is inspired by the interplay of sunlight and architectural forms. Bredgade makes reference to one of the most prominent streets in Copenhagen, Denmark. A street lined with heritage mansions, the Rococo masterpiece The Marble Church with its golden detailing, the city’s main square and the Kastellet fort. St. Leo’s honey toned Bredgade colour celebrates the moment the afternoon sun meets these beautiful buildings, transforming from a soft beige to a radiant yellow tone. Bredgade provides the same warming quality to any interior surface it is applied to.

Original Pigments Paint comprises three paints designed for interior walls and ceilings spanning intense matte, matte and semi-matte finishes. A series of three wood and metal paints provides elegant solutions for the enhancement of rough surfaces with silk matte, semi gloss or high gloss finishes:

  • ESSENTIAL INTENSE MATTE Gloss Level 2. Coverage 6-8 m2/L. A pure, highly matte finish for interior walls and ceilings
  • BALANCED MATTE Gloss Level 5. Coverage 6-8 m2/L. A long-lasting, water-repellent finish for interior walls and ceilings
  • VITAL SEMI MATTE Gloss Level 10. Coverage 6-8 m2/L. Robust, water-repellent semi-matte finish for active interiors
  • SCULPTOR’S FINISH SILK MATTE Gloss Level 15. Coverage 8-10 m2/L. Elegant semi-matte paint. Sculptor’s Finish is best applied using a brush and has a fast drying time, thick consistency and subtle silky appearance.
  • FORM FINISH SEMI GLOSS Gloss Level 40. Coverage 8-10 m2/L. Designed for convenient application using a roller or brush to achieve deep colour profiles and a semi-gloss appearance that is washable and resistant to scratches
  • ATLAS FINISH HIGH GLOSS Gloss Level 80. Coverage 8-10 m2/L. A high gloss component creates a rich expression of colour and prolongs the life of active surfaces
Coverage It's always recommended applying 2 layers of paint for best results and coverage
Delivery 2-5 days

'Made To Order' paint orders cannot be cancelled, modified nor refunded.


Lead times are typically 2-5 days time period. DANSK is not responsible for delays caused by production and/or transit times. Please note that due to Covid-19 and other external circumstances, manufacturing delays and shipping issues can occur, resulting in extended lead times. This is beyond our control, and will not be compensated in the form of free shipping, discounts, gift cards etc.


St. Leo is made from natural minerals which results in minor color variations from batch to batch


We can offer shipping and delivery once the items have arrived at DANSK for an additional cost. 'Made To Order' paint can also be picked up from our store location at no additional cost. Items must be retrieved within 7 business days of their arrival to DANSK store. After 7 business days, the item will be sent to our remote warehouse. This costs a fee of DKK 350,- + 3% of the price of the item per month as storage fee.


St. Leo Original Pigments is a collection of interior paints crafted from premium, sustainable ingredients to achieve timeless beauty that is uncompromising on quality. A considered recipe combines the finest titanium dioxide and liquid pigments with waterborne, solvent-free binders and thinners to ensure a superior colour depiction, high coverage, low-VOC and a healthy environment. Original Pigments colours are informed by timeless façades, streets and interiors around the globe, and each carries the name of the place it was inspired by. The spectrum is available in three finishes for interior walls and ceilings, and three for wood and metal.

A dynamic coating crafted from sustainable and low-VOC ingredients to enhance the colour and durability of interior walls and ceilings - spanning intense matte, matte and semi-matte finishes. This easy to use, forgiving paint is suitable for finishing creative projects, concealing imperfections or repairs. A washable composition achieves convenience together with superior quality and durability.

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