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Pulito's compost bin is smart because it has two active carbon filters in the lid, which prevent odors and flies. This allows you to collect several days of green kitchen waste in it on the kitchen table without any inconvenience. We recommend replacing the carbon filter when you notice the filter's function being reduced - it usually works for several years before it needs to be replaced.
There is no decomposition of the organic material in the compost bin, but when the compost bin is full, you best empty it in your own garden, allotment garden, summerhouse garden or composting bin in your backyard.

You can also use the bin together with the municipal biodegradable bag, to subsequently hand it in the waste container for green waste.
Whatever you choose to do, you reduce your household waste by approx. 20% by sorting and at the same time letting the biowaste be included in the natural nutrient cycle. Thus, it is easier to be environmentally conscious with the compost bin by your side.

Dimensions H29 x Ø18,5 cm // Holds 4 liters
Materials Stainless steel
Care Dishwasher safe - remove filters in lid before washing. It's recommend that the carbon filters are replaced every six months or a whole year to ensure optimal effect
Note Extra filters can be purchased here

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