kr. 178,00

Design Conte

'YAKU' in "YAKUSAJI" means 'approximately' or 'roles' as well in Japanese, and 'SAJI' means 'spoons.'  So, it's a spoon to measure the volume of condiments to "approximation," and it plays various "roles" as not only as a measuring spoon but also as a stirrer or a scoop.

The spoons stays steady during measuring thanks to the angle between the handle and the head. The teaspoon has the perfect size for scooping condiments out of small bottles. The tablespoons long handle also makes it ideal for stirring.

The spoons has a shallow head for easy cleaning.

- Teaspoon: L19,6 x W3,5 cm / Capacity: 5 ml
- Tablespoon: L21,3 x W4,9 cm / Capacity: 15 ml
Material 18/8 stainless steel
Care Dishwasher safe

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